How do I rename a submodule


I created a submodule to display the code i did for my class (lesson class not code class) in my github website.

The first class I did was learn to program HTML, so i made a repository for it. Then I created a submodule to link the code with the site. This worked well. Then I started the next class, CSS.

Then I thought instead of several repositories (and submodules) that I would group all my classes under one repository. The problem is that when I created the submodule it took a name from somewhere, I never explicitly specified one. It took the name “ltp-html5-authoring” and appends it before everything. It doesnt look too bad for the link to the first class, ltp-html5-authoring/ltp-html5-authoring/ltp-html5-authoring.html but is downright wrong with the second one. ltp-html5-authoring/ltp-css3-specialist/ltp-css3-specialist.html And will continue to be wrong as I add folders.

Is there any way to rename the submodule or do I have to remove it and re-add it?