How do I make the pull request page show private repos?

I’m asking for one of my users.
His pull request page does not show anything from private repos. Is this a setting I can change either on his account or in our organization settings? His github account is with his personal email, but his work/org account is attached.

I’m referring to and the “assigned” view. He cannot see his assigned pr’s without going to each repo and searching individually.

Any help appreciated, thank you.

Hi @DamionWaltermeyer, thank you for being here! Is the user authenticated when searching? Could they try searching:

is:pr assignee:username archived:false is:open is:private

Hi, I’m the user.
I am authenticated, and using just the is:private and assignee:username (with my own username) filters returns no results.

Interesting, if the PR is:open that should bring a list of results. Could you try is: closedto see if you get any hits? Since we are talking about a private repo the best way to get support would be to reach out to private support directly. If you haven’t already, please contact us at with the info so we can look into that further.

is: closed does not return any responses either.
I’ve tried reaching out via that form before (I have an ticket which was opened on May 15th), and haven’t received a response.

Let me look for it and see if I can help, thanks for your patience!

Thanks! the ticket number is 691547

Thanks again for your patience, would you mind giving it about 20 minutes and trying again? I’ve queued to rebuild the search indexes which may resolve this. As a workaround, if you add and then remove a label to a pull request it may also resolve this issue. Not sure if the re-index will be a solution or not, leaving the ticket as it, so we’ll still get more :eyes: on it.

Looks like the search index wasn’t the problem - I’m still getting no results. No dice on the labels either.

Hi. We haven’t heard anything additional back either here or on that private ticket. Is there someplace we should go to escalate?