How do I make a GitHub workflow trigger other workflows without PATs?


I’d like to know how I can make a workflow trigger another workflow after it gets pushed without using a personal access token (PAT). I have recently found out that I can use PATs, but I am personally not a fan of that due to manual intervention. I prefer things to be extremely easy to setup and take as less time as possible.

The flatpak.yml file uses the push event so each push it starts building the package. And update.yml is used to update its dependencies every hour and push. However, update.yml pushing to the repository does not trigger flatpak.yml. I’m forced to use a PAT in my repository so the update.yml workflow can trigger flatpak.yml which I find it unfriendly and time consuming.

Thank you.

The answer is unfortunately simply “you can’t”. The documentation says the limitation is to prevent accidentally creating recursive workflows, and there is no configuration option to remove it.

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Hmm… is there a way that is more convenient than using PATs?