How do I look up the bot's user ID from my App

I’m testing out an app that watches for comments from users and replies to them. I accidentally wrote an infinite loop, though, because when the bot posts a comment replying to a user, *that* comment triggers an event, and then the bot replies to itself, which proceeds to loop forever.

It seems the right way to get the bot to ignore itself is to have the bot look up its own user ID and then ignore comments from that ID, but I can’t find how to look up the bot user ID from within the App API client.

Virtually all bots that are designed to interact with users need to determine if an action was generated by a user or a bot. This is accomplished by looking at the user.type field of a REST API response. If the value is “User” then it was a user. If the value is “Bot”, then it was a bot. This way you can avoid responding to all bots, not only your own bot.

I hope that helps!

What’s the proper way of identifying an account as a bot? In other words, what makes it type “Bot” in the REST API response. Also, will that be exposed to the GraphQL API (

@lee-dohm It’d still be cool if you can share how I can get my app bot’s user id, besides manually calling the API.
Also, is it a unique id across github? is it guaranteed to persist as long as the app exist?