How do I know the application status of my Github student pack?

Hello, I’ve applied for the github student pack but don’t know how to check the status of my application. How do I know if I’m aproved or not?

Hi @Mahrjose and welcome.

Immediately after applying, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Then please be patient and wait. You will be informed of any updates via email.

On the forum we cannot discuss account-related matters nor speed up your application.

Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Almost immediately after submitting for the student pack I got the “Pro” badge on my github profile. Also, on the github education home page I’m seeing “Claim Offers”. So, I thought I’ve got approved. But when I tried to create a account with github on Microsoft Azure they couldn’t verify if I’ve a student pack or not and redirected me to the eudcation github page for applying for a studnet pack with this message:

So, I’m confused now if my application got approved or I was wrong and I need to wait some time?

If you have the Pro badge and can claim benefits you have been approved. Maybe wait a few hours/days to make sure everything is synced up?