how do I get rid of github workflow

I am just learning GitHub.  I added somehow .github/workflow.   How do I get rid of it?  It gives me errors of some kind.

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If you do not want to run any workflow for you repository, you can directly delete all the YAML files under _ .github/workflow _ from your repository.

You also can disable GitHub Actions feature on repository level and Organization level.

To disable Actions on a specific repository, on the Settings tab of this repository, navigate to Actions , select Disable Actions for this repository.

To disable Actions on a specific Organization, navigate to Organization settings > Member privileges , select Disable Actions for the organization , this will disable Actions on all repositories in this Organization.

If you have some troubles during using Actions, you can share more details about the problems, such as the complete error logs/messages returned to you, and the related YAML files for defining the workflows. 


Thank you, BrightRan.  Much appreciated.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

Thanks for this solution on a per-repo level. Having 300+ repos which are all set to enabled Actions automatically (without my consent), I wonder if there’s a possibility to opt-out completely, on account level?

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Disable Action just remove the Action button. You can add “/actions” to the repo url to see the existing Action list.