How do I get my organizaion github contributions to my perosnal github profile?

I have one personal Github account and one professional GitHub account created by my organization. How do I get my Github contributions from my professional account to my personal account? I have seen people’s contributions show committed to a private repo which makes me believe that this is not the first time someone is doing this.

There are two parts to that:

  • You can configure whether contributions in private repositories show on your profile.
  • Contributions are assigned to accounts by the author/committer email address as recorded in the commit. So if you want professional contributions to show on your private account, you need to add the matching email to your private account. I’m not sure if that’s feasible, because it’d require removing the address from your second account.

yup, as far as I know, if an email is already taken, then it cannot be used by other users, even if it is not verified,

so for me, I’m adding it even unverified, just to be sure it will not be used by any other users and I’m not really sure if you request it at Support whether they will approve that because they too are actually encouraging us to use only one GitHub account

Hi there - I checked in with our team: You can either merge your GitHub accounts, or you could create a profile README file in one of the accounts that either links over to the second account, or uses the API to pull the contributions data for the other account and display it there.

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Thanks for your response. Can you share some references on the README solution? I cannot find a good source for merging accounts since I want to keep both accounts separate so when I change job, my office work is still reflected in my personal GitHub account.

check this out