How do I get more people to contribute to my repo?

I created this repo with the intention of making the initial foray into functional programming relatively easy. The repo is gaining likes but I don’t see anyone trying to contribute to it. I would really love for experienced functional programmers to get their hands dirty on this one.  There is still a lot more to do. I do get motivation when people like it. But I tend to lose the motivation when i see that no one is ready to contribute. I would like some advice here

Hi @ashwinbhaskar ,

As people on the forum have explained before: running such a repo can sometimes be a big marketing stunt. Read more about getting users here: . It pretty much starts at getting users who will, hopefully, turn into contributors.

One tip I can think of, however, is to create some issues to get people started. If you create some  small issues about things people can fix or add quickly, they are more likely to do it. Make use of the labels good first issue and  help wanted as GitHub recognizes those and uses those.

Also take a look at contests like Hacktoberfest (only one I can think of - but there should be more): and use them!

Good luck!

I understand that it can be hard, but your work for the community will be appreciated!


Thanks a lot Mark! I will go through those links

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yes creating issues can rope in genuine contributors who are ready to help you out and contribute

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