How do I get access back after generating new personal access token?

I got an email “Notice for new authentication token formats” about creating a new personal access token, so I followed those instructions. Now obviously I can’t access my repositories. How do I get back to where I was? There was no follow-up in the email or anywhere on how to get back to work. I’m not trying to become a git expert, I just need access to my repositories.

I would read how to do this myself but I don’t even know what to search for.

If I try a “git fetch” then it pops up a log-in window, but using my email and password doesn’t work. In fact I got an e-mail about “Basic authentication using a password to Git is deprecated and will soon no longer work.”

Then just get:
Logon failed, use ctrl+c to cancel basic credential prompt.
Username for ‘’: ^C

You will need to use the PAT you created instead of your password when performing Git operations over HTTPS. So when prompted for your password when doing git fetch, enter the PAT.