How do I download?

I have installed GitHub Desktop (on macOS Catalina), and have a project of my own.
I even have an older application on GitHub.

I can update my new GitHub project, but whenever I try to Clone another I get a screen that just stays forever.

Launching GitHub Desktop
If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

I usually give up, and just download the zip.

What am I doing wrong?

One project I want to download is

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Can I just double check, is this the process you’re following?

Do you have GitHub Desktop already open when you start?

If you can’t get that to work, you could always copy the repository URL that is displayed when you open the Code modal, and then clone the repo this way:

At step 2, select URL.

The Dialog box in step 4 is slightly different - the buttons are side by side.
After pressing Open with GitHub Desktop NOTHING happens - I see no step 5.

I have tried with GitHub Desktop already open and not.

I can download the ZIP, but it never appears in GitHub Desktop, although I can unzip and access the code.

Are you able to clone using the URL?

Is your version of GitHub Desktop up to date?