How do I download the repository archive from workflow?

I start the machine and I need to download the archive, which I then unzip. I can’t figure out the variables. The documentation says that it should work just through the “$” symbol, but nothing works for me.

My code:

runs-on: windows-latest
    timeout-minutes: 9999
    - name: Download archive
      run: Invoke-WebRequest -Headers @{"Authorization" = "token $GH_TOKEN"} -Uri$REPO_PATH/main/ -OutFile 
        GH_TOKEN: ${{ github.token }}
        REPO_PATH: ${{ github.repository }}
    - name: Unzip Archive
      run: Expand-Archive -Path 1.Zip -DestinationPath ./

Please help me

In PowerShell, the way you access the environment variables is $Env:GH_TOKEN and $Env:REPO_PATH.