How do I disable the shortcut?

Ctrl-K conflicts with the browser shortcut to “Focus Search Bar” on Firefox and Vivaldi, and surprisingly it seems to “win”. Since this was enabled yesterday, this tripped me up 4 or 5 times in an afternoon of development, and was rather disruptive (I didn’t realize just how often I wanted to re-use a tab viewing a github repo to do a new search!)


I found the button. Click your avatar, then “Feature Preview”.

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@paul I’m glad you found the toggle in feature preview before I could get back to you! We have gotten a lot of feedback on the keyboard shortcuts used and will be looking into workarounds so that you can still benefit from using the command palette without it interfering with your browser or extension shortcuts


@gaknoll there are even more keyboard shortcuts that GH hijacks :frowning:
Like / which is a quick find shortcut is hijacked by the search box


We are aware of this @nileshgr and are working on solutions to help users avoid these types of conflicts! There are a few options available to you:

  • As mentioned above you can always disable the command palette feature using Feature Preview
  • Today, our Accessibility team launched a new feature that allows you to disable all character key shortcuts including the / key.
  • We are exploring giving users the option to customize the keyboard shortcuts used to open/close the command palette. See my proposal in this related issue! cc @paul

We are exploring giving users the option to customize the keyboard shortcuts used to open/close the command palette

The command pallet keyboard shortcut should be CMD+P / CTRL+P
i.e. It should be the same/consistent with VS Code
Esp. now we have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow, I thought I was the only one. This has been bothering me for a while and finally had enough and started to dig in :slight_smile:

The only way to get to the search-bar currently is to alt+d (address-bar) and then ctrl+k to the search-bar. Quite inconvenient to break the browser-flow like this arbitrarily.

Hope this will be configurable soon as I do see the use for having the Command palette there, it’s just not as useful as the rest of my browser :wink:

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Hi @paul @nileshgr @alanjohnjames & @dromer! We just shipped a new feature that allows you to customize the keyboard shortcuts used to open the command palette. You can now customize the keyboard shortcuts for opening the command palette in search and command modes in the Accessibility section of your user settings.


Thnx @gaknoll ,

I’ll try to make some time to investigate the UX and “mapability” of this feature soon.

Lol, the options are so limited …

There is already conflict with ctrl+p (printing), ctrl+shift+p (ff private browser), ctrl+shift+k (firefox dev tools), and ctrl+alt+k doesn’t do anything here (ff96, linux, fluxbox).

Can’t you use ctrl+~ and ctrl+shift+~ or something?

Ctrl+K is also used on Microsoft’s Edge for focusing search bar. Github is now owned by Microsoft which makes it extremely surprising how less the responsible person has tested this idea. On the other hand, most companies also forgot that there are different than US keyboard layouts where keys like \ or ; or [ and ] requires an additional key on these other keyboard layouts. And this additional key mostly breaks this shortcut usage then.

This is why making keyboard shortcuts CUSTOMIZABLE is important (by that I mean let the user freely type a shortcut, don’t just give us a list of pre defined to select from, see @dromer reply on ‘why’). If you don’t / cannot / have no interest into that, then at least give us shortcuts that work in all countries and don’t interfere with browser shortcuts (which all of them can be found by a simple google search).