How do I disable GitHub Checks “Re-run” button?

I scoured everywhere in the docs. Checks - GitHub Docs

At first, I thought it was the “actions” optional parameter in the UPDATE check API call. I thought it was some sort of default, so I added some dummy “Fix this” action. It added another button (NOT what I want).

So then I inspected the request that’s made when I click the Re-run button, turns out, it is rerequest.

So then I looked everywhere for re-request, and i see it’s a feature of Check Suite (but no way to turn that off).

It seems to call this endpoint: Checks - GitHub Docs

I don’t want this feature, it’s confusing my users. I also looked at this doc Disabling or limiting GitHub Actions for a repository - GitHub Docs, but I don’t think it’s the same “Action” api since i don’t have the Actions tab in my org / repo.