How do I create the workflow that works for me?

Hello Git Community,

I’m a Git newbee. I think I understand the concept of Git, but I’m having difficulties implementing it so that it works the way I want to.

We’re basically PHP-developers. At this moment we just use Notepad++ with a FTP plugin to -more or less- edit the code “directly” on the PHP server. To be more precise, the plugin gets the file from the server, so Notepad++ can edit its local (cached) version. Once I save it in Notepad++, the FTP plugin automatically uploads it to the server. So after a ‘save’, I can check the effect of the changes directly on the server. But there’s no version control or backup in this process.

I would very much like to continue to work this way, but reading some Git documents, I don’t see how that can be achieved. As I understand, the local repository are the files which are created, changed and deleted while developing. I could stil do that using Notepad++, but I would just edit and save local files. I need these changed files to be uploaded to the server, so I can check the working of it. If possible, I would rather not use a seperate FTP tool to individually upload the files after editing. That would be too much of a hassle.

Any suggestion on how to implement this, is appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi @suturnl ,

You can just continue working as you do know using the FTP upload plugin. Use  git init to intialize a Git repository in your working folder, and  do make sure the .git folder does NOT get uploaded by the FTP plugin since it contains a lot of files.

Then just continue working. The “adding”, “changing” and “deleting” you referenced just happen inside Git. Your actual files on drive shouldn’t be bothered by this.

Hi Mark,

I’m terrible sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I appreciate you’re suggestion and I will take a look into it.

Many thanks for your reply. 


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