How do I create a GitHub Action for the marketplace using Python?

I want to upload my action to the marketplace, so that whenever someone uses the action it should run a python script. This is how many action.yml looks like so far

name: Check URLs
author: Param Thakkar
description: Automatically check for broken links in markdown files
    description: 'A list of all the markdown files in the repo, separated by commas. Defaults to'
    required: false
    default: ''
    description: 'A comma-separated list of URLs to skip over.'
    required: false
  using: python
  icon: 'link'
  color: 'green'

However, I am not able to ‘Publish to Marketplace’ when creating a new release. I have GitHub actions enabled on my user account… What am I missing here?

P.S. my repo is private. Could that be why it’s not letting me upload to Marketplace?

Hi @paramt,

Thank you for being here! Publishing an action to the GitHub Marketplace requires that the action lives in your public repository’s root directory and it exists alone in that repository without other actions. To learn more about building GitHub Actions, see “Creating GitHub Actions.”

The problem was that the repo wasn’t public. Thanks!