How do I contribute on GitHub using my WordPress development skills?

I’m going through different web development tutorials and day by day, I’m improving too. Someone suggested. why go with such a messy job when there are many pre-built CMS that includes WordPress, Joomla, etc. I’ve also created a gaming website and working on it, it integrates android phone apps but my question is if I don’t learn any coding, am I still able to contribute on GitHub if I have expertise in such CMS and able to create stunning websites?

If I can, how do I do it?

Thank you for your help.


yup, you’re always welcome to contribute on GitHub, don’t you know that it’s being used not only in coding?

others are using it for writing just like plain text novel, or the core, others poem, or code snippets that are not complete, or a personal notepad that you can set to private or public with added features of revision tracking and being embedded on site, others more of blogging

as for me I’m a teacher, I’m using this also to write tutorials on README, then, I will deploy it as a site or if required simply will be embedded on another LMS using GitHub Gist,

you can check out my profile to see what I’m saying,

of course, what you cannot do with GitHub are those that are not allowed,

if you know how to deploy site, then maybe it’s time for your to learn to deploy a site using GitHub and GitHub Pages, that way you will be contributing through coding, this is the main reason why others use GitHub,

you just need to know CSS, JavaScript and HTML, and how to deploy it on GitHub Pages,

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Thank you very much, appreciated.

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