How do I contect to someone for Help

Well, I have the browser extension named “Copy Plain Text” for Firefox and it doesn’t work on the webpage I am using it for.

This is the webpage:

I Doesn’t work in the Chat and Message portions of this site.

This website in some cases doesn’t let you use the Left Click at all!

Looking For Some help.

Then you have to look for a specific repository or other developer contact information on the plugin page.

This forum is for git and GitHub related support.

He is on here and there is no other info and support on the app itself nor the Firefox add-on extension webpage this is place was the only place that I found on the options page for the app was the link to his list of updates on here.

This is the page that had found: but there’s no way to contact him from here

I am new to this stuff and only the ones that dealt with on here is the AdGuard Team

There is, to quote the README in that repository:

Please post all feature requests and issue to “Issues”.

Click on “issues”, use the search to see if your problem has already been reported, and if not use the “new issue” button. :slightly_smiling_face:

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