How do I contact the author of a project

I’m fairly new to the hub, though I’ve used it several times for various projects over the last couple of years.
I have a project that I’m using, and I’d like to contact the author to ask a project related, non-programming or incident related question.  Without creating to or adding to the conversation in an incident; how do I go about contacting the author to ask my question?

Hi @cyberchipz Thanks for being in the Community Forum! This is a great question.

Each project has different ways in which they like to be contacted for questions. A lot of project owners will ask you to open an issue with questions, or some will provide an email address to reach out for support. 

Myself or others here in the Community Forum might be better able to help if you share which project it is that you’re trying to get support for. Can you share the link to the project’s public repo? I’d be happy to take a look at it and try to help you find where you might be able to ask for help.


Sure thing, thanks for the info, I’ll get back on that… but, I wanted to point out that in the main group "How to use Git and GitHub, my posting was listed, but your reply was not.  I had… oh, lol, I just saw you posted 18 minutes ago…  well, then… nevermind.  I’ll presume that just hadn’t updated then.   Thanks for the help… have a great day! :smileyvery-happy:

HI nadiajoyce 

I am trying to get support and clarification on

Apparently, I have not managed to get around issues while trying to run it.

Hi @benyamworku,

If you have questions about that specific project, I’d recommend opening an issue in the repo to see if the project maintainers can help.


I have issue in dataTable.

I hidden some columns by default, during no data is there to display in the dataTable, if i enable hidden rows “No data available in table” is not showing with 100% width. I am not able to change the colspan of the tbody.

For example i have 12 columns in my dataTable i am hiding 2 out of 12 columns, Consider now there is no data to display. Now i will enable all to hidden columns, now “No data available in table” is displaying upto 10 columns. Since colspan is 10. But it should be 12. This is library issue i think. please help me to fix it.

Thanks and Regards,

Nagaraj S  (