How do I change the download name?

I’ve created a repository for an Arduino library that I’ve made but when i go to clone or download>download as .zip the name file is and I need to remove the “-master” part so I got and I can load it on the Arduino IDE.

Im really new herea and I dont know a lot of concepts so please, be gentle.

Thanks everyone!

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I’m assuming you are using a browser under Windows, translate as appropriate if you are using a different operating system.

Two choices:

  1. When you go to clone / download, don’t left-click, but right-click on the “download zip” button, and select “save link as…” in the menu. You should then be presented with a dialog box,  prefilled with the name “”, which you can edit to change to “”.

  2. The downloaded file is a file on your system. Using your file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer), go to the download folder, and rename the file as you wish.

Hope that helps, just don’t go Berserk :slight_smile:

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