How do I build an app from code from github?

I have the code for an app ( it’s called UCR) and when I try to build in visual studio 17 it says unable to start the program dotnet.exe, I’m a noob in these topics so any help will be appreciated, thanks

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There are two varieties of .NET now: .NET framework, and .NET CORE. If the project

is looking for “dotnet.exe”, then it is a .NET CORE project. This means you need to check your Visual Studio install to make sure you have .NET CORE support installed.

I think the default is .NET framework.  I think there is a Nuget way to get .NET CORE or a VS setup tweak to add it. Sorry, I’m not in front of Visual Studio at the moment, so I can’t give you a step-by-step. You should be able to Google it.

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If you open the Visual Studio Installer you can download the .NET Core components to help you build the app.