How do I approve a rejected pull request?

I had a pull request by a bot so I didn’t approve it. It was a source link project I do want to approve.

I didn’t see a status on the one I rejected to change it back to approved?


If the bot automatically deleted the PR branch you won’t be able to reopen it (or if you deleted it).

Can’t you see a “open” button on the PR? You should first re-open it, then approve it.

Bot is probably not the right word. Git Hub Mass Project Updater is what it is called.

I rejected the pull request because I didn’t like the fact my project was being mass updated. I can open the pull request, it is just in a closed state and my only option is ‘Submit Review’. I do not see ‘Approve’ like I had before.

Thanks for the reply.

Then the repository has been set to require administrators reviews before merging (and apparently this rule is also being applied to administrators themselves). In this case you only need to change the repository settings and either disable code-reviews for PRs entirely, or disable the option to apply the rule to administrators.

I am the only person on the account, and the project has whatever the default option is (was) for new projects.

I didn’t turn on any option for ‘Submit Review’ required, but if it is default then ok.

So what am I supposed to do for Submit Review? Type something and then I get notified I typed something?

No that’s not a default option, it’s something you need to manually set.

But from what you described, it looks like the option was enable. You should check your repository Settings » Branches. There are various options there, as you can see from the screenshots at this link:

Check that the option Require pull request reviews before merging is unchecked.

Alternatively, why don’t you submit a review and see if the Approve button comes up again?

There’s still the possibility that the PR branch was deleted on rejection, in which case there isn’t much you can do unless you had created a copy.