How do I add extra metadata to the payload field of deployment_status event from GitHub Workflow?

I checked that deployment event has a field named as payload to support passing extra metadata inside the event object.

The payload parameter is available for any extra information that a deployment system might need. It is a JSON text field that will be passed on when a deployment event is dispatched.

I have a GitHub workflow file to deploy to multiple environments by tagging each deployment jobs by the corresponding environment. There is a third party tool which is triggered by the webhook listening on the deployment event, which will be triggered by GitHub when the above-mentioned workflow would run. However, I need to pass some extra metadata to the deployment event payload. How can I achieve this? Is there any way to add the extra metadata which will be added to the payload when the deployment event will be triggered by GitHub?


      name: production_environment
       meta-deta: 'dummy'
     runs-on: ubuntu-latest
       uses: ./.github/actions/deploy