How do files work in github actions annotations?

Looking at Workflow commands for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs and How to enrich / add text in a simple way an annotation ?

whether I set file=path/to/ or file=/absolute/path/to/ I don’t see the file show up with a path or an L# annotation.


(the “@@@ Hey” line is my debugging, showing the full path.)

The original annotation looks like this:

::warning file=tools/cldr-code/src/test/java/org/unicode/cldr/unittest/,line=178:: (  Warning: Test org.unicode.cldr.unittest.TestNumbers not found or not valid.

I’ve tried an absolute path for file= and also a relative path. Same behavior. Any ideas?

Note the parenthesized ( is my own additional text.

Otherwise file= and line= seem to be ignored!


So a relative path (starting with the source directory) does seem to work. But it pops up under the PR’s review tab… not under Actions.

Screenshot @ CLDR-14748 GitHub annotations updates (WIP) by srl295 · Pull Request #1475 · unicode-org/cldr · GitHub

so, solved… but it would be good to have more docs here.