How create mod to game on java?

Hello! I am newbie on java. I want to try create a mod for game “Rust” or another game. How i can did this? Or this is unreal for Java? 

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I really dont think that Rust is made with java, indeed the official site said it’s make with Unity

Maybe only one game is made with java: Minecraft.

The best way to learn to mod a game is to tackle the problem head on. 1. Start with a beginner … Read the set up your java environment like the modders

You need to investigate the game support a little further. What language you can use depends on how the game supports mods.

From my little reading about Rust mods, it supports LUA, C# or Javascript.

Other games may have an API / interface for mods which support Java.

It usually doesn’t matter what language the game was written in: what matters is what language(s) can talk to the game’s mod interface.

The reality is that java software has no game mod, only Android software has mod apk sites, so I think this is not feasible with java software.

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I agree with wabri. This game is not made with java. This is built in unity. However, for mod apks, there are tons of resources available on the internet.

Many places provide you with such mods. Try searching for a few websites these days.

Game Rust I have experienced the android version and it was great to download and install this game.