How create a personal branche of a project, Beginner help


I’m so sorry, I think it was already explain somewhere, but I new as Git user and I don’t even know what key word should I use for a search.

The context :

there is a project on Github that I follow, there are a lot of update monthly on this project.

I want to modify some small part to adapt this project to my use, but my modifications are not interesting for other (but I’m totally ok to share them).

Is it possible to have my own branch of the project, with my modifications, but still have the updates of the original project (and just work on the conflicts ) ?

the thing is that I don’t want to merge my modifications to the main project (because the main project doesn’t need them and doesn’t want them), I want to do the opposite, that’s what I don’t understand how to do.

thanks for your help and sorry for my basic question.



You can fork the repository and in case of new updates you can merge into your fork

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Thanks for you reply, now I understand better it and know the keywords