How Can We Utilize Github to Create and/or Merge New and Existing Crypto Assets and Currencies?

I am such a neophyte on the subject of git, github, and the nomenclature is very confusing as I am not a techie but an old school banker who bore three millennials who are now far more technically and technologically advanced than I am.

I have been following OHMC or OhmCoin for a bit and still do not know how to interface in a contributable manner for something that appears to make sense but I see no meaningful results and rapid progress in the development of this new crypto that promotes,‘a cryptocurrency that opposes the status quo.’

I am wondering if the concept of SnapChange can be developed here at Github with the help of people wishing to merge the ever abundant launches of new ICO’s, Tokens and BlockChains? 

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Hi @alexsgabor,

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It’s a bit unclear what you are asking for from your original post. Are you looking for developers to collaborate with on a project? If so, is there a repository in which you’ve started working that you could share so other users may better help? Being very clear about what kind of feedback you are looking for, or what you need help with will result in much better results here in the forum.

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Hello @nadiajoyce,

Is this what you are looking for? AlexSGaborSnapChangeGit!

This one is a first draft of the proposed White Paper which I can update here at GitHub.

Hi @that-pat,

I know nothing of developing software. I only have ideas so if you can provide me with some linkage to learn how to create this idea into a blockchain reality it would be greatly appreciated.

Assumption #1  Most people have pennies sitting around in their homes that earn no interest, generate no further utility because their purchasing power has vanished.

Assumption #2 Getting people to send in their pennies to exchange them for SNAPCHANGE is a logistical and storage nightmare. 

Assumption #3 The utility of physical coinage is dwindling while the utility of electronic digital assets is increasing as blockchain technology evolves.

How can Github be utilized to solve these and other problems related to SnapChange as a digital currency?