How can we enable allow edits from maintainers by default?

I was unable to find any option for making [x] allow edits from maintainers checked by default.

As I often contribute to other projects I find very annoying to have to check this each time.

There should be a way to change the default either at repository level or user level but I was able to find no indicaiton of it.

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I also can’t, for the life of me, find the checkbox…


Hey @ssbarnea and @dmorais92, can you both send the PR’s in question that you can’t enable this one? Most of the time, the issue is that you are trying to merge in a fork that is not “User owned”. Please send the PR’s here and I will take a look. 


I experience this in this PR.

In fact, it’s a fork made under a team that I manage.

I reviewed all options for that team, and can’t find which options to allow this.

And that documentation, only refers to user-owned repo.

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Hey @bclermont, thanks for sending that. The PR must be from a fork that is under your personal user which is why the docs references that as it does and also why you could not enable that. 

I will try to get the feedback that this could be more clear but I also suggest sending your feedback on this here:

I have this probleem too, even though I’m the owner of the fork.

For example:

Any workaround?

That is an org account and not an regular user, which is why you have the issue.

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, forking with my regular user account solves this. However, the organization I work for would like the fork to be in their org account. Is a workaround possible? I already made myself admin of the forked repository in that org account, but that doesn’t help. Although this issue seems to indicate that should work:

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Agreed. This has caused me to waste a lot of time trying to figure out what on earth was going on. It’s very irksome not to have this feature - what is the point of being able to organised projects under, say, “my-forks”, and then have to create the PR from my base account anyway? Ridiculous.

Any plans by GitHub on making this available for org-owned repos too?


Please enable — this proved to be a problem recently, it’s slowing down web standards work:frowning_face: