How can students get access to Copilot through Student Pack?

I joined Copilot’s beta half a year ago, but today I found out that it had been commercialized into a ‘free-trial’ type ordeal. However, it also says that students can have access to copilot for free, through the Student Development pack. I have also joined the Github Global Campus already and I can use the other features of the Student Development pack, but it doesn’t seem to let me use Copilot for free anywhere on the Subscriptions page. Is there any thing I’m missing, or is there anything I can do?

I already linked your post so it will be a thread here

i am also in student developer pack but doesnot able to access github copilot for free

Hey. I had the same issue. The solution mentioned in:

helped me.


Thanks for sharing @yistarostin :bowing_woman:t3: ! @flatypus and @iamsajo did this help you?

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