How can only the owner to edit the repo. for an org

Hi Guys!
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And I am CEO, Founder & Chairman of Funmora Developers

I made an organization in Github but I want it to be like:

We have an main repo. it is a private one…

So I want it to be like, only I should edit that main repo. , Any of the other members of my company don’t have access to edit/view the repo. it this possible?

please help anyone…
I am in a hurry as its currently very important for us…

Please reply anyone!

Is anyone there who could help me?

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Is anyone there guys :sob:

There are 33 but no one could help me…

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Hi there,

We have some documentation on this that you might find helpful.

I’d definitely recommend familiarizing yourself with (or bookmarking) the organization section if you’ll be managing an organization as there are a lot of hints and tips in there to help make this easy for you.

Hope that helps.

Billy :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks a lot @billythekid
I will check out the links and read them

Change your members role to only “Read” and select your own role to “Admin”, so in this way only admin can get full access to repo but other can only read them or view the code to make discussions only.

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Yes, Thanks @m-asadullah :+1:

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