How can I use my personal server and GH-Pages together on one repo


I am stuck on a problem I have been having with setting up my GitHub repo to work the way I want it to.  Basically this is what I have so far - 

  • I created a public repo
  • Set my personal server to pull source files from master branch of my repo and depoly them to my webspace
  • I turned on GitHub Pages
  • I set the source for GitHub Pages to the master branch of my repo

Now I have two identicle websites.  One running on my server and one using GitHub-Pages but this isn’t really want I wanted.  What I wanted is this -

  • My personal server to pull the source files from the master branch of my repo and delpoy them to my webspace
  • I want GH-Pages to use a different folder/branch other than the master as its source

So basically, I woudl have a live production site hosted on my server and a showcase for the latest dev build hosted on GH-Pages and all the source files remaining in a single repo but I don’t know how to maintain the master branch as a source for my personal server and a different branch/folder as the source GH-Pages.

Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Apologies for the confusion around your original post being flagged as spam. Since it was restored, this post is now a duplicate of the original. As such, I’m going to lock this one for further comments. Please continue the conversation on the original post.