How can I swap the default title and sub-title for squash-merge commits?

Right now in the enterprise Git repo I develop in, the default commit message is “Merge pull request #1234 from username/my-branch”. In the subheading, it has the actual title of the PR. I’d like to switch the two, or at least change the title to be that of the PR. How can I do this?

What I have currently:

What I want:

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Hi @michaeleisel,

Thank you for being here! I’m afraid changing the naming convention or setting a default description for Squash merge isn’t currently possible, I’ll pass your request onto the team to consider. Sorry I didn’t have better news.

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No worries, thanks for forwarding it on. FYI, I imagine that the majority of developers would want them swapped, as the current subtitle is more informative and human-readable.

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