How can I specify using the `needs` parameter of a job that I need a specific job of a reusable workflow?

My question is:
When I’m using a reusable workflow, how can I specify using the needs parameter in an independent job that I need a specific job of a reusable workflow, not the whole workflow?

Let me explain:
I’m using a reusable workflow to store common steps. I have a different job that depends on an inner job of that reusable workflow. I can not specify that I need a specific job of the reusable workflow. All that I can do is refer to the whole reusable workflow.

This is the current image of the workflow:

On the dependent job, I put needs: pr-test, to wait for pr-test/lint because I can not find another way of telling my dependant job to only wait for a specific job of the reusable workflow.

Seems natural to me to put pr-test/lint, but it doesn’t work. I tried many other configurations without success. It keeps telling me that Job ‘pr-analysis’ depends on unknown job ‘pr-test/lint’.

This is what I’m looking for:

Here is a try: build: fix sonarqube coverage · bikecoders/ngx-deploy-npm@8402bd9 · GitHub

here is the yml simplified:

name: PR's
    types: [opened, synchronize, reopened]

    uses: bikecoders/ngx-deploy-npm/.github/workflows/basic-test.yml@master

    name: SonarCloud Pr Analysis
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    needs: pr-test
      - run: echo "I only want to wait for pr-test/lint"

What I’m genuinely trying to achieve is to only wait for pr-test/unit-test(16), but the matrix seems to add an extra layer of complexity. That’s why I first tried something more straightforward.

I’d bet this isn’t possible. If I’m right (about it not being possible), I think you’d want to post to:

I created a discussion as you suggested