How can I sign up for student pack Github Pro when I don't study in a school that has Github Campus

I applied for GitHub student pack and got rejected

Unfortunately your program of study does not qualify you for a GitHub academic discount at this time. Please ask a program administrator to inquire about becoming a GitHub Campus.

I had provided my Enrollment fee receipt as proof for my academic authenticity. The fee receipt included the following details.

  1. My school chain’s main branch location (correct address of the branch location).
  2. Pan number, Tax number, and the Company Reg number of the institution.
  3. Date and receipt number.
  4. Payment details.
  5. My address, course, receipt status, and issue date.

When I re-apply, what else should I do to ensure Github validates my submission successfully? Or have I made a mistake in providing adequate information to them? I appreciate any feedback.

It sounds like the program you’re in doesn’t meet GitHub’s requirements for the Education program. As mentioned in the email, if your school joins GitHub Campus, that can change.

You can find out more about that here:

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