How can I revert a comment edit in a repository that I do not maintain?

I recently forked a repo, made changes, and submitted a pull request back to an upstream/official repo.

I am in no way a maintainer or administrator of that upstream repository. But after the maintainer made a comment on my pull request, I tried to reply to his comment using the new Github mobile app.

Well I somehow overwrote/edited the _ maintainer’s _ comment, instead of adding a new one. And since I don’t have admin privileges, a.) I’m not sure how that’s possible, and b.) I don’t have admin rights to undo my edit to restore the maintainer’s original comment.

The pull request is here:

It is the first comment to the pull request

Also see the following screenshots of the desktop Web site.

The actions I have available on the comment for my user account:

The edit history of the comment:

Detailed history options, note that I can’t delete the revision because of the message indicated above, but I also can’t add a new revision because I can’t edit the comment:

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Hi @ardnew,

Thank you for being here! This is an interesting one indeed, I’ve tried to reproduce this on my own to no avail.

I see that you’ve opened a support request, I think that’s probably the best way to get some clarity here. I’m sorry I don’t have better news.

Good to know it might not be rookie mistake, as I was suspecting. I’ll post an answer here if the support request ever responds to me.


I ran into this today. It would be good to have a feature to revert to the original comment after inadvertently editing someone else’s comment.