How can I recover a deleted repository?

My boss wanted me to move the project from git to vs which normally wouldn’t be a problem since I’ve done this successfully a few times with the following process:

  • Delete github repository (its public and code is actually proprietary)
  • Copy local files to an unassociated location (usually a folder in C:\temp)
  • Map a new repo in Visual Studio Team Explorer
  • Copy files from temp location to Visual Studio mapped repo

I don’t know what happened today, if I wasn’t focusing on what I was doing or something but instead of copying the local files to the appropriate unassociated location on my drive after deleting the github repo, I appear to have permanently deleted everything.

I started working on the data model for the project in October 2017. Boss is NOT happy and neither am I.

I’ve sent an email to asking if they can recover my repo… If they can, I can just clone it back onto my local drive.

Is there more that I can do or some way I can recover this on my own?


No, just wait for GH Support.


What happened in the end?

I just want to know what’ll become of me.

Okay, I successfully recovered a repository of mine, so it is possible to do so.

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Please tell me how did you recover the deleted repository?

@nj888 by contacting GitHub Support and kindly asking for assisting with the recovery of a deleted repository.


They sure respond fast!

Hi all, we have this problem right now. 

does anybody know how much time takes GH Support to respond and fix this kind of problem ?


May not be as helpful but are there any forks of the repo? If a fork exists you might be able to make use of that, however it could be a problem if its not up to date.


 If you want to recover the deleted repository by yourself, you can try some data recovery software, I am not sure whether it can help, but you can just have a try. You can download the freeware Bitwar Data Recovery software to do this.

If you still cannot find your repository, you can ask a professional for help.

This is now in the UI!

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This is interesting and important to know a deleted repository could be recovered. At least some of us paid for the service, and we deserve it.

This should be a stackoverflow aswer. Your answer saved me time