how can i make listView click and go to another activity

i want to make those list view clickable for eg. if i click first list i.e, (luti, one) then i should go to another activity
please help me, im going here and there for this since two days but couldnot find please help me udacity please 

ArrayList<Word> words = new ArrayList<Word>();
        words.add(new Word("one", "lutti", R.drawable.number_one));
        words.add(new Word("two", "otiiko", R.drawable.number_two));
        words.add(new Word("three", "tolookosu", R.drawable.number_three));
        words.add(new Word("four", "oyyisa", R.drawable.number_four));
        words.add(new Word("five", "massokka", R.drawable.number_five));
        words.add(new Word("six", "temmokka", R.drawable.number_six));
        words.add(new Word("seven", "kenekaku", R.drawable.number_seven));
        words.add(new Word("eight", "kawinta", R.drawable.number_eight));
        words.add(new Word("nine", "wo’e", R.drawable.number_nine));
        words.add(new Word("ten", "na’aacha", R.drawable.number_ten));

        // Create an {@link WordAdapter}, whose data source is a list of {@link Word}s. The
        // adapter knows how to create list items for each item in the list.
        WordAdapter adapter = new WordAdapter(this, words, R.color.category_numbers);

        // Find the {@link ListView} object in the view hierarchy of the {@link Activity}.
        // There should be a {@link ListView} with the view ID called list, which is declared in the
        // word_list.xml layout file.
        ListView listView = (ListView) findViewById(;

        // Make the {@link ListView} use the {@link WordAdapter} we created above, so that the
        // {@link ListView} will display list items for each {@link Word} in the list.

Hi and welcome @dibasdauliya ,

This is a general forum. Therefore, we don’t know any context about your projects, what your goal is or what you already did. Could you please elaborate a bit more:

  • What exactly are you trying to achieve?
  • What technologies are you using?
  • Did you find any other solutions online? Why did they not work?
  • Can you clearly describe the errors (if any) you are experiencing?
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Some possibly useful links: 

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