How can I make a new folder?

How can I make a new folder on GitHub in 2021? I have looked at other topics about this and they all contain something about the “GitHub Interface”. I have no idea what that is or means.

How can I make a new folder in my repo without using the “GitHub Interface”? Even if there is no other way to make a folder besides using the Interface, how do I go into the interface?

Please and thank you ; Have a good day and thanks for your answer, if you do answer my question. :slight_smile:

The “web interface” means just the things like buttons, text fields, and so on provided on the website to work with it. :wink:

When creating a new file on the GitHub website you have a field for the name. You can just type a slash (/) to separate directories. So if you type folder/test.txt you’ll get a file called test.txt in a folder called folder. :slightly_smiling_face:

You cannot add empty folders. That’s a general Git limitation, not specific to GitHub.

yup that’s the exact answer above, in GitHub Web, simply type the name of the folder then type /, and create a file just like temp.txt. Later, when you have the actual file/s, just delete that. GitHub Web does not allow empty folders.

Now, the same is also true when you want to delete a folder, simply delete everything inside that folder and the folder will be automatically deleted too.