How can i get github's student's pack?

I’m Prashant Dulal from Nepal. I read in grade 10 , due to covid-19 my school neither provides Id card nor Report Card. So i cant take students package . I just attached screenshot of my mail from teacher regarding online class where it clearly shows i m student. Will it help ? please reply if not what should i do? i really need this amazing helpful package.
Thank You!

:wave: Welcome!

The only way to apply for the Student Developer Pack is at our Education site.

If you don’t have an academic email address and can’t provide proof of enrollment your application may be declined. Please include whatever proof you do have, and the Education team will review it. Wait times can be a month or more right now.

I’m sorry we can’t be of more help!

Thank you sir for your response.
I have 4-5 emails form my teacher about online classes , fees and classroom id pass + i have google classroom mails asking homeworks . Where it proves i m a student. will it help? . i really need this pack .

We have a help document here that outlines what is required.

The Education team is not on these forums. You can submit an application with the best proof that you have, and they will review it for you. I’m afraid I don’t have a better answer than that.

I understand ,
My report-card is comming tomorrow . But i have a serious problem. I am from nepal and we use Vikrami calendar now its 2077 in nepal. If i managed to get my report card or identity card there will be no english date on it there will be Nepalese Date(2077). ;-;,
I dont think i can get students pack.
Anyway Thankyou very much for responding sir.

You can supply documentation in your own language and showing non-English calendar dates as well. That is not a problem.