How can I get a list of all repositories in an organization where I am an admin or collaborator?

I’m a member of the GitHub Organization bigOrg, with ~8000 repositories. I am a collaborator or an administrator for about 50 of them. How can I query any of the GitHub APIs and retrieve a list of these ~50 repositories?

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@magnus-longva-bouvet You can try the Rest or GraphQL API to list repositories you have permissionson on within an organisation
Two links to related documentation areas


Maybe the API could help?[username]/repos

I’m aware of the API methods to query a list of repositories for an organization or an account respectively, but I can’t figure out a way to get what I want without sending 8000 queries. I hope there’s a way, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

This doesn’t answer the question I asked, but it might be close enough to solve my use case. This GraphQL query seems to return all repositories for which I am a collaborator or administrator but not an owner. Repositories owned by bigOrg are returned, but so are repositories owned by any other organization.

  viewer {
    repositories(first: 100, affiliations: [COLLABORATOR, ORGANIZATION_MEMBER]) {
      pageInfo {
          owner {

I was able to query a specific organization
I noticed your query above was on viewer (so that scope is related to what “you” the viewer has access to.
query {
organization(login: ORGANIZATION-NAME) {
repositories (first: 100) { blah, blah

this may work for you

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