How can I enable HTTPS for my www subdomain alongside the root?

Github now can automatically support HTTPS for the www subdomain alongside the root domain. shows an SSL certificate error, while the root domain is fine.

The DNS records seem correct, as shown by dig.

Setting for Google Pages is as below.

The www subdomain is not mentioned there, and I think that it is supported (without HTTPS) simply with a CNAME DNS zone.

How do I enable HTTPS support for my www subdomain as well as for the root domain?

It looks like your www domain’s CNAME is pointing to your apex domain. You’ll need to point this towards your GitHub domain instead. Once you’ve changed that, and waited for it to propagate, you’ll then need to visit your repository’s settings page for Pages. Visiting that page should be enough to trigger GitHub to re-request an SSL certificate.

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Thank you! That did it! and both work