How can i edit add_BNT_to_path.m file (Bayes Net Toolbox)

I want to use Bayes Net Toolbox, but i have problems with the integration of BNT into matlab, I explain, i download the package,i use a program like Winzip. This will create a directory called BNT.the creator of this library, says that we have to modify the file add_BNT_to_path.m. (Edit the file “BNT/add_BNT_to_path.m” so it contains the correct pathname. For example, in Windows, I download into C:\kpmurphy\matlab, and then comment out the second line (with the % character), and uncomment the third line, which reads BNT_HOME = ‘C:\kpmurphy\matlab\BNT’ Smiley Wink

 my questions are: 1) how can i edit this fil? 2) there is a comment in this file “The syntax was changed between matlab 5 and matlab 6”, but i use MATLAB Vers 8.5 (R2015a), so what should I do? I tried to solve but I could not, pleas help me?

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