How can i deploy my github project to heroku

I have exported my glitch project to github, and i want to deploy it directly from github to Heroku using the deploy button. Base on the youtube video i watch, i was suppose to fork the project, then click the deploy to Heroku below the project end but i cant see the button. please help

When you are connected to heroku, go to this panel called Deploy and connect your GitHub repository, then just click on deploy at the bottom

For instance as you can see it works and the repo is just public and open sourced, it’s been like 2 or 3 years that the repo is working and I have no problem with it

We use this bot sometimes in a Discord and we still use it as is

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ok thank you very much, i have spent days looking for a solution. But if may ask, watching from youtube, i saw a button below the repository //deploy to heroku, was that suppose to be an old version of github, or is replicated. Because I equally saw default branch as master while now is main, am confuse and that is what was making me feel i could deploy to heroku from github.

The default branch master on GitHub is not used since the #BlackLivesMatter movement so it was replaced by main, what you see on the screenshot is that I haven’t changed it since the move as that project was made before

I just have updated that “master” thing to main, sorry, it was my fault


Then about to deploy directly with a button from GitHub if you can share the link to the video I can check if it’s still possible or not

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yeah, Auto-Deploy GitHub Repos to Heroku - YouTube is the video link. In my case i did not take note of that and the project is already in the repo. But i was thinking there is a way to check that you know, to be sure that i have enable deployment auto. just cant seems to see the option for that, am considering deleting the whole thing to start a new process that is exporting.

Things have changed since 2015 but the main process is the same

  1. Connect to Heroku
  2. Go toe the deployment panel
  3. Connect Heroku to your GitHub account
  4. Choose your repository
  5. Click on Deploy

I can make a little video to let you see how it’s done

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ok waiting for the video

am getting this message after deploying
-----> Build failed

   We're sorry this build is failing! You can troubleshoot common issues here:


   If you're stuck, please submit a ticket so we can help:




! Push rejected, failed to compile Node.js app.

! Push failed

Here is the video :slight_smile:

About the error it’s related to the code and it’s not to discuss on this forum but better to ask on stackoverflow for example or ask Heroku directly

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Thanks a lot i appreciate, it’s really helpful

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hello nazimboundeffa, are you online?? i have a challenge and am yet to deploy the app. when i trace the error i sent to you yesterday, i discovered that, i enable auto deployment without preparing the branch for it. while tracing how to prepare branch for auto display, i follow up until:
Delete the pre-created content, paste the content from the export-and-branch-solution.yml file, and then rename the file to ‘export-and-branch-solution’.yml.
Though am not using microsoft… but i want to know where can i get this [export-and-branch-solution.yml] TAB cause i also exported my project from glitch.

Hi @nana-sv how are you today ?

I don’t get why you need that YML file ? You said that the project cames from Glitch so it’s in Javascript, and Heroku doesn’t ask for that YML file or am I wrong ?

Please open another thread to discuss about this file, otherwise it’s a Heroku issue not GitHub

PS : As I told you yesterday if you provide a link to a question about this issue on stackoverflow maybe we can find an answer there about it or it’s better to ask Heroku directly