How can I delete my pull request?

I created wrong pull request so closed it.
But it is still searched in the pull request list.
I want to delete my pull request permanently.

Could you let me know how to delete my pull request permanently?

For a standalone repository without forks, you could locally clone, create a new repository, push the clone to the new repository, reset all related repository settings, delete the original repository, and rename the new one to the old one. If you do this, you will lose all :star:s, :page_with_curl: releases, :scroll: workflow logs, :question: issues, :curly_loop: pull requests, and many other things. – If you have anything that references pull request numbers or issue numbers, those numbers will now be danling and eventually randomly attach to new objects as they arrive. – This isn’t a particularly appealing solution.

If you don’t like the above, and if your PR has confidential content, then you can beg support for help:

Otherwise, you should just accept that stray PRs happen. Every moderately old repository will eventually have such things.