How can I delete "markdown-portfolio" from my laptop?!


I started the course “Communicating using Markdown”, got super-confused, everything is a mess now and I’d like to start over! I know that I can do this by just leaving and re-entering the course, which will remove the repo “markdown-portfolio” from my account. But I’d also like to delete it from my laptop. How can I do this? Just delete the folder called “markdown-portfolio”, or is there more to it?

Thank you!

Hello there. :wave:

To delete a repository from your laptop you simply have to delete the folder, to delete a repository from GitHub, go to the repository you want to delete, click on Settings, scroll down to the Danger Zone, and click the red Delete this repository button, you’ll be prompted with a modal I suggest you read about the consequences of removing a repository, or if you use the Learning Lab you can simple leave and re-enter the course like you said.

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: