How can I customize my default Jekyll theme to my preferred layout or design?

The basic themes available for Jekyll are a bit uninteresting and only meant to display projects. While this might be okay for some, it isn’t okay for me as I want to use Pages for my personal portfolio site. Any ideas?

Hi there,

You can add custom css and html files into your Jekyll site.

From this page on github help, you can create a scss/css file at /assets/css/style.scss and add the following to the top of the file:


@import "{{ site.theme }}";

Then any custom css can be put after these lines in this file and it will be included in your site.



That was really helpful. Thank you for saving me time from scouring through so many help articles :smiley: 

Check out  this new Jekyll plugin by @benbalter, not yet supported by GitHub Pages.

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Thank you @dirtyf

Turns out jekyll-remote-theme is now whitelisted on GitHub Pages, so you can use any GitHub hosted theme with Jekyll.

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Oh, I will definitely check that out. Thanks!