How can I create naming-convention app for a tag on local machine with Git?

Hello, newbie alert here and I’m stumbling my way through this - so please be patient. 

When a developer sets out to tag a commit (from his/her local machine using Git Bash), my company would like to enforce a naming convention using permissible parameters.  It seems the best way is to check if a tag is being created, pop-up a window with selectable options / drop-downs per the naming convention, create a concatenated string with the chosen options, name the tag with this string and then commit the tag.  

What would be the best way to go about doing this?  Thanks much in advance and apologies if I’m violating any protocol.  



You’re definitely not violating any protocol, but I think that actually might be a very hard thing to do!

What I would try to do is write an own  bash completion script , so developers can use that to autocomplete their tag. It isn’t really enforcing anything, but since they all work for a company I am assuming everyone is willing to name these tags correctly.

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