How can i create an tattoo removal application?

I’m trying to find a way to create an ar app, the goal of this app is to show a tattoo on the skin before and after the laser removal (there are scars a few days after the removal). I thought to do it with unity and vuforia but I’m not sure and I do not really know if it’s really possible or not … Thank you for your answers!

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If I were you I would look into a few things related to what I’m trying to accomplish just to get an idea or a bigger picture of the problem/issue ( this case “create a tattoo removal app” )

Consider :

-Learning to understand ( not to use) how to remove tattoo from a video editing software ( ie: After effect, Blender, Neutron, Apple Motion…) will give you an idea on how to tacke the problem you’re trying to solve.

-Reading a few articles about how Computer Vision works (video link)

I don’t know much about the subject, just a quick suggestions since i see no reply yet…

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I think the reply from @kocheick is really useful. Let us know how the project goes and don’t hesitate to ask any additional, specific, questions over here!