How can I change weak password without a verified email

When I sign in , it says:
Your password is in a list of passwords commonly used on other websites.
You must update your password to continue using
but when I input my email address, it responses:
That address is not a verified primary email …
and I am very sure that the email adress is correct!

So, I am stucking in here over an over again, How can I do now?

:wave: Welcome!

I’ve just sent a password reset to the email address on file. Please check all your files and folders.

If you don’t receive the email, please contact support directly so they can have a closer look for you and discuss your account safely and in private.

Thanks a lot for the quick response, but sorry for my misstake!
The account has this problem is eva980636([personal info removed]), she could not login here either!
Could you please sent a password reset email to [personal info removed.]

Thanks in advance!

Please ask your friend to contact support and they’ll be able to help them with their account.

Unfortunately, she can NOT log in to contact support. The system blocked her out because the weak password!

GitHub Support doesn’t require a login. Your friend can select this tile, and that will allow her to open a ticket:

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 15.51.26

Oh, Yes, I see!
I need to sign out first to post a request to them, or there is only one choice in the “from” field to use my account.

Thanks a lot!