How can I change Contribution Activity display?

I am not quite understand Contribution Activity display.

Sometimes, it has only text like “Created 10 commits in 1 repository” but,

sometimes it show a screenshort of my issues questions.

I do not want a big screen (my important event?? but actually it is not.) for my issues questions since it may be looked silly for some people.

Can I adjust the display? Thanks.

Hey there!

There isn’t a way to customize what shows up in the Contribution Activity display other than by having more activity that pushes the older activity down. In your specific case, you could try deleting the test repository and maybe that might get rid of the “first repo” and “first issue” items. But then you might get new “first repo” and “first issue” items when you create new ones.

I doubt anyone will think it is silly though since everyone that has ever created a repo or an issue has these items somewhere in their timeline.