How can I cancel free github hosting for my custom domain

I use GitHub Student Developer Pack offer to take a .me domain on namecheap, when I order domain I choose 1 year free GitHub hosting service. That’s the problem. I want to remove GitHub hosting for my domain name, and I want to add another hosting provider service. But I couldn’t do that. Please help me.

When I visit website. GitHub show me a page (screenshot below).

Hi @coderMojnu, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! If you want to point your domain towards a different service then you’ll need to log into your Namecheap account and change the DNS records to point towards your new host. There’s instructions on how to do this here:

You’ll need to get the new DNS settings from your new hosting service, they should tell you what records you need to add.

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thank you very much @thomasshaped, sir. great answer. :heart:

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